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List of Marvel Comics Characters Edit Edit source History Talk 0 A. Spider-Man and the Stolen Vibranium 2019 Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions 1982 Marvel Super-Heroes 1967 – 1982 Marvel Tales.

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Scarlet Scarab is the name of two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Marvel comics characters and names. Ajak Earth-616 Carol Danvers Earth-616 Agatha Harkness Earth-616 Death Earth-616 Felicia Hardy Earth-616 Cindy Moon Earth-616 Emma Frost Earth-616 Elizabeth Braddock Earth-616 All items 18081 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other Selka Earth-928 1 115 Legion Personality Earth-616 14 Earth-616 A. Agent 13 Sharon Carter Agent Carter Peggy Carter Amanda Sefton. Armand Duquesne Earth-616 Arishem Earth-616 Adam Warlock Earth-616 Anthony Stark Earth-616 All-Black Symbiote Earth-616 Ajak Earth-616 Agatha Harkness Earth-616 ALars Earth-616 All items 73876 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other Character Index CategoryCharacter Trivia.

The character also appeared in The Invaders 25 February 1978. Anthousai Names ApocalypseMutant Names Artificial Intelligence Names Bandit Names Banshee Names Barbarian Names Basilisk Names Birdfolk Names Bluecap Names Bounty Hunter Names Brownie Names Cat-peopleNekojin Names Cavemen Names Centaur Names Christmas Elf Names Cockatrice Names Code Names Cowboygirl Names Cyberpunk NickNames Dark. The first Scarlet Scarab first appeared in The Invaders 23 December 1977 and was created by Roy Thomas Archie Goodwin and Frank Robbins.

To peruse at your leisure the following list covers a wealth of Marvel female characters from both the comics and the MCU in alphabetical order. He starred in a backup feature star in Marvel Mystery Comics the flagship title of Marvels Golden Age predecessor Timely Comics. Eternals 2006 – 2007 Black Widow 2014 – 2015 Avengers 2018 – Present Infinity Gauntlet 1991 The.

Green Goblin Norman Osborn Magneto Max Eisenhardt. Formed in 1939 The Marvel Comics Group is one of the big three American comic publishers alongside DC Comics and Dark Horse. He was created by Dez Skinn Steve Parkhouse Paul Neary and John Stokes and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk Weekly 57 April 1980.

Other Marvel Female Characters. He is also known for his ability to fly. Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Deadpool Wade Wilson Hulk Bruce Banner Iron Man Tony Stark Spider-Man Peter Parker Wolverine Logan Villains.

Spider-Man and the Stolen Vibranium 2018 Marvel Super Hero Adventures. Marvel Characters List 2618 results Sort by A-Z 3-D Man Charles Chandler Hal Chandler 3-D Man Delroy Garrett Jr. 2018 Marvel Super Hero Adventures.

8-Ball Jeff Hagees A Clair Moore Aardwolf Chon Li Abdul Alhazred Abd-el-Hazred Aberration Rana Philips Abigail Brand Abigail last name unrevealed Abomination Emil Blonsky Abraxas Abraxas Absorbing Man Carl Crusher Creel Abyss. As of 2020 its unclear whether Agents of Shield Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage Iron Fist The Punisher The Defenders Inhumans Runaways and Cloak and. 1 A- Bomb.

A list of the actors who play primary characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Albers Diana Albert Oclair Alberti Mario Albrecht Jeff Albuquerque Rafael Alburquerque Alberto Alcala Alfredo Alcatena Quique Alcazar Vicente Alden Paul Alderman Jack Alessio Agustin Alexander Chris Alexander Doug Alexander Jason Alexander Jim Alexander Larry Alexovich Aaron Algozzino Sergio Alixe Pascal All Thumbs Creative. Avengers 2019 Marvel Team-Up 1972 – 1985 Marvel Team-Up 2004 – 2006 Marvel Two-in-One 1974.

The first comics character using the Electro alias name was the robot super hero Electro who possessed superhuman strength and could run at 100 miles per hour. A now-deceased hero the sidekick of Captain Britain Jackdaw was an Otherworld elfJackdaw had been mortally wounded earlier in his adventures but was revived. 70 rows Marvel Comics is a publisher of American comic books and related media.

The Eternals Characters Ikaris 17 Ikaris is an Eternal that possesses superhuman strength speed stamina durability and reflexes. Jackdaw is a fictional character featured in the Marvel Comics universe. So its no surprise that since their 1961 rebirth with the Fantastic Four they have become synonymous with American superheroes.

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