11+ Marvel Characters Iq Level

Earth in the Marvel Universe has all the features of the real one. Braniac would max out any IQ Test.

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This is a subreddit dedicated to Marvel Comics its publications and hundreds of characters.

Marvel characters iq level. Amazing Fantasy 15 Spider-Mans First Appearance Tales of Suspense 39 Iron Mans First Appearance Avengers 1. In real world terms that would translate to someone with an IQ at or above 160 which is considered above Upper extreme. How High is Your Marvel IQ.

With an IQ level of 250 Reed Richard Hank Pym one of the eight smartest marvel characters acknowledged Peter as one of the most intelligent men on Earth. It is not affiliated with Marvel Entertainment LLC and is an unofficial community operated by dedicated fans. The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on.

It is a common occurrence in fiction for authors to give their characters IQ scores often exceptionally high ones and while some scientists believe IQ has validity in real life it makes for a very poor measuring. But he doesnt need nor should actually be on Reeds level. As well as a good old-fashioned IQ test.

10 Smartest Marvel Characters. Mr Terrific- Could not find specific iq estimated to be slightly above 200. If you dont believe Reed Richards IQ level was nearly the same when he at the same age Peter Parker.

Note Braniac has a 12th level intellect Lex has a 9th level intellect. IQ Checklist I Q O V E R P O W E R H E R O E S Energy-Fighting-Strength-Intellect HeroCharacter Grid Total Inherent Ability APOCALYPSE 5-5-7-6 23 BANSHEE 7-5-3-5 20 Teammates Training card bonuses are 1 BEAST 2-5-6-7 20 BISHOP 6-7-4-3 20 BLACK CAT 3-6-3-4 16 Power cards are 1 when used for defense BLACK WIDOW 4-7-3-6 20. Story is not written scholar– and neither is destiny.

Incredible Hulk 181 Wolverines First Appearance. He possesses a genius-level IQ with extraordinary expertise in genetics biochemistry electronics and other subjects. 63 items Comic.

Iron Man Producers. Avi Arad Kevin Feige Director. But it is the conquerors who change the world Kang to Immortus Tier.

The Marvel Universe is strongly based on the real world. X is extremely intelligent by normal person standards but being one of the very smartest people in the world in a world where there are plenty of people who are way way smarter than the smartest human in our world is an extremely high bar. And destiny is forged.

How well do you know the Marvel world. Nathaniel Richards Kang the Conqueror Origin. Made by the deeds of the strong.

However it also contains many other fictional elements such as SHIELD and HYDRA. Some heroes possess flight and are bulletproof while others possess the mental equivalent of those enhanced abilities. SMARTEST ANIME CHARACTERS BY THEIR IQ TOP 50Check My Second Youtube Channel httpbitly2U5oha7My 1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income OnlineC.

Same countries same personalities same historical events and so on. July 1st 2021 Good luck. The Scientist Supreme one of the most intelligence Marvel characters.

Accordning to the Marvel Database Starks Intelligence is a Six Super-genius. The historians the students the gray-beards– they come in the wake of the strong and write down what the brave have done. An intelligence quotient or IQ is a scientific attempt to score the intelligence of individuals in real life through testing.

They are ranked Level 6 on the Power Grid. And he is a very talented academic.

Take this quiz and find out. Are You Marvel or DC. Jon Favreau Marvel Studios Fairview Entertainment.

This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with high IQ—low IQ when aggregated at the character level. Genius not dunce r094 knowledgeable not ignorant r088 competent not incompetent r084 perceptive not unobservant r084. Top Three DC by reputation 1Lex Luthor 2The Atom iq of 140 surprisingly 3Mr.

Navigate your level of conspiracist beliefs and a test to see if. List of characters with Super-Genius Intelligence. Marvel Characters with Super-Genius Intelligence.

X is only as intelligent as a very talented academic or scientist. Trending pages Anthony Stark Earth-616 Reed Richards Earth-616 Valeria Richards Earth-616 Jocasta Pym Earth-616 Athena Parthenos Earth-616 Ebony Maw Earth-616 Sugar Man Earth-295 Bruce Banner Earth-15329 All items 63 A B C D E F G H I J. Which Male Marvel Character Are You.

He is known for his low self esteem and occasional mental instability but he is also a true super-genius who acn be. What is his IQ for real. Lex Luthor-rumored to be 225 or maybe higher.

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