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While a fight between Thor vs Captain Marvel is certainly a close one but Thor still has an upper hand over Carol as he is physically stronger. All of which would suggest that despite Captain Marvels position among the strongest on the Avengers roster Adam Warlock ranks among the strongest beings in the universe several steps above Carol Danvers.

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He is nearly invulnerable to harm.

Captain marvel and thor who is the strongest. In addition being the God of Thunder he can conjure and harness pure lightning as well. Thor is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and is skilled in armed combat excelling in the use of the war hammer sword axe and mace. Joe Russo Weighs In For comic book fans theres not anything more a laugh or relying in your friends more irritating than attractive in spirited arguments about which superhero is the most powerful freshest most useful and so forth.

Is Captain Marvel More Powerful Than Thor. Most Powerful and Strongest Avengers Scarlet Witch. He just has better stats.

And there you have it folks. The penultimate member of the list is Dr Stephen Strange who is hands down one of the most powerful avengers to ever exist. Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger we have and while many people actually believe Captain Marvel or Thor are the most powerful Scarlet Witch comes out on top.

10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World. Thor comes second and has become a force to reckon with since the mighty enlightenment in Ragnarok and the Infinity Wars. Free 2-Day Shipping wAmazon Prime.

After all even at his most powerful Thor still couldnt beat Hela Cate Blanchett. Quit your griping pop the champagne corks and just. Even the Binary form of Carol wont be able to handle Thors lighting.

In an interview with Vulture Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige name dropped another hero as the universes most powerfulCarol Danvers aka Captain Marvel soon to be portrayed by Oscar winning. Further Hulks raw power is determined by his. Also keep in mind that strongest basically means.

Captain Marvel has introduced a power new heroine to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – although her origin story. Posted by 3 months ago. Now that he has Stormbreaker Thor is far more powerful than either Hulk or Captain America and from what we saw in her movie he is also more powerful than Captain Marvel mainly due to his higher durability and strength as I would put their offensive weapons Photon Blasts vs Lightning as equivalent.

Ad Read Customer Reviews Find Best Sellers. Not who would win a 1v1v1v1 just who is more powerful. Thor is most powerful when he uses an enchanted faithful weapon fashioned on Nidavellir like the hammer Mjolnir or the ax Stormbreaker.

Are you still wondering why Captain Marvel does not rank second. Marvels Kevin Feige Confirms Captain Marvel Will Be the Strongest Hero in the MCU. Captain Marvel Carol Danvers is confirmed as the most powerful Marvel superhero.

MCU only Who is overall the strongest and the most powerful. Can Captain Marvel beat Thor. Who is the strongest Marvel Character 2019.

The enchanted Belt of Strength and his signature weapon the mystical hammer Mjolnir. Wanda DrStrange Thor or Captain Marvelread description Question. Hulk did survive snapping with the Infinity Gauntlet but it left him physically deformed.

The Strongest And Weakest Members Of The Avengers 15 Most Powerful MCU Characters – Daily Superheroes. Wanda DrStrange Thor or Captain Marvelread description Question. But for her part Captain Marvels incredible power has already been established and she far outclasses the other Avengers.

So physically speaking Captain Marvel definitely makes it to top 3. In Comics we havent yet seen Thor Vs Captain Marvel. Keven Feige has verified Thor as the most powerful Avenger in canon with yet another squad member being the most powerful.

If someone can actually get past her energy field she could probably be hurt worse than Thor but getting past that field requires about an infinity stone worth of power. 12 Richest Families in The World. And his hammer Mjolnir grants him control over the weather as well as access to massive amounts.

She can fly through space without any suit and use tremendous amounts of energy. Very little in Captain Marvels superhero career comes close to such feats. Thors lightning will overload Captain Marvels energy absorption powers.

Thor is probably the most physically durable but Captain Marvel is more powerful and the tankiest ie. Thor is physically one of the strongest characters in existence. Carol Danvers might not be a match for Thor Odinson in the Marvel comic.

Captain Marvel possess several powers that make her among the strongest characters in the MCU as youre going to be informed in 2019. Captain Marvel could be the strongest Avenger seeing how she was the only one stronger than Thanos when he was both at full strength and in possession of the Infinity Stones while even Thor who is the most powerful of the original Avengers and had demonstrated more feats of strength than anyone else was easily beaten by the Titan 58 views. This includes with the ability to fly six occasions quicker than the pace of sound.

Who is most powerful Avenger. Thor possesses two items which assist him in combat. Debate over problem solved.

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